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Why A White, Male, Executive Advocates For Women As Technology Leaders

We need women to lead in technology, but the standard narrative as to why misses the point. And as women continue to elevate their leadership, they do so knowing the critical areas to focus on, the mistakes to avoid, and the skills to develop.


How CIOs Cut Through The Noise And Keep Their Best Employees

Retention narratives are loud and contradicting. Worse, retention efforts continue to fail. The ladder has been leaning against the wrong building. It's time to reset it.


How CIOs Identify What Really Holds Their Team Back And What They Do About It

CIOs aren’t usually trained in organizational psychology, but they live in its reality everyday. The dysfunction is real. If you think of it as a people problem, you have a bigger problem. Here is how to spot what really holds your team back and what to do about it.


When You Lead But Don't Feel Established Yet

It’s one thing to have earned a position. It’s another to feel established. Is your feeling grounded in reality? Discover the traits of those who are, and who are not yet, established.


How To Buy Your Way Out Of Quiet Quitting, Employee Disengagement And The Great Resignation And Still Drive Revenue

All of our efforts at engagement and retention fall short if we don’t customize growth at an individual level. Business is not about a person working for a company; it’s about a company working for a person.


How Technology Leaders Overcome Imposter Syndrome

The Imposter Syndrome haunts technology leaders, leaving them subject to unsettling moods, lack of motivation and limited margins of opportunity. Knowing its source and how to overcome it is critical for those who want to become established and effective in their life and career.


The One Investment CxOs Don't Cut During Inflation

Threats of inflation and recession have companies preparing for budget restrictions. The one thing you can’t cut, that is instinctive to cut, are the outsiders who are key for your insiders. How do you know who they are?


How Leaders Rise From Failure And Keep Their Team With Them

It’s not enough to get back in the saddle after you fall. You must embrace a shift within you. You must address a crowd around you. You must change a story about you.


Why People Will Take Less Money To Work With You

Culture is critical in the battle for talent attraction and retention. But culture is too often misunderstood, and therefore, underplayed. Four elements define a winning culture.


Disrupt The Disruption: Why CxOs Must Keep Their Title, Exercise Their Authority, And Change The Way They Lead

Leadership trends come and go. Riding them can be a great adventure. But leadership isn’t in the riding, it’s in the landing. Leaders know where to get off and take a stand.


The One Tradition CEOs Get Wrong About Succession And Why They Must Mentor A Technologist

CEOs often look to be succeeded by someone like them. But the great CEOs have led their company to a place that requires different skills for a better future. And that will be found in the technologist.


The One Change Tech Leaders Make To Be The Person That Others Turn To Or Go With

You want to be a leader that others turn to or go with. But the competition is immense. Leaders who stand out have learned to avoid two pitfalls by focusing on one key element: They know how to be noticed, remembered and talked about.

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