The Founders

Photo of Scott Smeester

Scott Smeester

Founding Member / Chief Executive Officer

Scott Smeester has over 25-years of experience in web-based application development, earned a degree in civil engineering, and has invested two decades in building companies. He has the creativity of a developer, the engineer’s love for infrastructure and the pragmatic “CEO’s focus” on strategy and ROI. His unique combination makes him an ideal partner (CIO/CTO) to translate between the executive suite and the IT group, to find technology solutions and to navigate digital transformation.

CIO Mastermind began in 2018 when Scott Smeester became driven to end the isolation technology leaders often experience, and to provide a more robust community than the vendor-sponsored options of which he had attended.

Working with his coach, Joe Woodruff, Scott and Joe designed CIO Mastermind as a learning community in which members would be able to bring real-time needs to the table, receive unbiased input on their situations, and develop customized solutions for the sake of their teams and stakeholders.

Joe Woodruff

Co-Founder / Lead Facilitator / Executive Coach

Joe Woodruff is a leadership coach, speaker and writer. In the years since co-founding CIO Mastermind, he has spoken and worked with hundreds of technology executives. Joe drives the content development for CIO Mastermind, and members call on him for coaching to sharpen their leadership skill-sets. His background brings a unique perspective to human motivation and organizational development. He is driven to equip technology leaders to elevate and extend their influence so that they are able to enjoy the profession of their dreams. Joe brings out a person’s best so that they bring out the best in others.

Photo of Joe Woodruff