Facilitated Peer Groups

Solve your problems and share your insight with experienced peers in a trusted, sales free community for technology leaders

Now More Than Ever

This is a critical time for innovation and leadership with technology. CIOs and CTOs are making crucial decisions for their organizations. But to do this, we know you need to overcome:


The CIO Mastermind Facilitated Peer Group offers collaborative sessions with other qualified professionals to address real-time business issues through open dialog that result in cost-saving solutions.

CIO Mastermind Offers

  • Trusted community
  • Confidentiality
  • Freedom from vendors
  • Discussion and insight
  • Realtime solutions

Monthly Group

Each monthly meeting is an interactive and engaging experience providing members with valuable insight and guidance on their critical initiatives at a fraction of typical consultation costs. Group members are full-time technology leaders from various disciplines and each is proven in their field. CIO Mastermind serves different size companies with each member reporting to C-Suite executives and stakeholders.

Members have improved their executive position and have saved thousands of hours of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars through CIO Mastermind Facilitated Peer Groups.

What they say:

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If an IT exec said that they are looking for a focused group of cross-industry IT executive peers to bounce challenges and ideas off of, and are willing to be a contributor as much as a participant, that CIO Mastermind is what they should consider.

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With 1) the pace of technology, and 2) the variety of means to "skin a cat", CIO Mastermind provides a broad set of informed perspectives that can enlarge the stakeholders own thinking about how they might approach a challenge.

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This is a peer group where we can all share challenges and ideas, This one is the winner. I appreciate the founder's focus on accountability of participation with the goal of creating a body of knowledge and metrics useable by the group membership.

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You can't get direct discussion with peers working through similar challenges like you can with CIO Mastermind. Most importantly is the format - love the share-approach with "bottlenecks" and subsequent ideation.

Facilitated Peer Groups
Seat At The Table - 1 Year
A whole 12 months reserved specifically for you at one of our peer advisory groups!
Seat At The Table - 3 Month Trial
3 months reserved specifically for you at one of our peer advisory groups!