Facilitated Peer Groups
by CIO Mastermind

Unlocking Value Through Peer Collaboration

Solve your problems and share your insight with experienced peers in a trusted, vendor-free community for technology leaders.

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Are you a technology leader seeking a community of peers who truly understand the unique challenges you face? CIO Mastermind is your gateway to a trusted, vendor-free environment where real solutions are born through collaboration.

About Our Peer Groups

Discover the power of our professionally facilitated peer advisory groups. Monthly interactive sessions address real-time business challenges, resulting in actionable solutions. Our members are seasoned technology leaders from diverse disciplines, in, or reporting, to the C-Suite.

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Vendor-Free Zone

Escape the sales pitch and dive deeper into solving real problems.

Minimal Time Commitment

Maximize your insights without sacrificing your busy schedule.

Professional Peer Cohorts

Build community in a small group with accomplished leaders.

Earn Industry Respect

Gain recognition and respect from your fellow technology executives.

Game-Changing Knowledge

Access real-time industry insights when it matters most.

Master Facilitation

Solve member needs without getting off-track.

What Your Peers Are Saying

Our CIO Mastermind group contains extensive wisdom and experience that both overlaps and is distinct from my own experience. I rely on the unique insights from other members to help me creatively solve the [unique situational problem].
Jeff Cann
Encore Electric
It is helpful to network with cross-industry CIOs. A lot of the problems are common and contrasting different approaches helped to broaden my insight.
Peter J Purcell
Federal Reserve
You can multiply your effectiveness using the collective wisdom of your extraordinary peers.
Jeff Cann
Encore Electric
This one is the winner. I appreciate the founder's focus on accountability of participation with the goal of creating a body of knowledge and metrics useable by the group membership.
Jeremy Sibert
Hensel Phelps
CIO Mastermind can help your CIO take your company to the next level of using Information Technology as a competitive advantage and strategic asset.
Jeff Cann
Encore Electric
By just listening to the questions and suggestions during bottlenecks opens up new ideas and strategies that can be directly applied to my current challenges.
Dan Willman
Model N

Empowering Leaders, Elevating Companies

CIO Mastermind empowers you to solve problems, share insights, and elevate your leadership. The benefits extend beyond you, positively impacting your entire organization and career trajectory.

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Your Time Matters

We understand your busy schedule. That's why our monthly sessions are designed to be efficient and impactful, ensuring you get the most out of every meeting.

Unlock the Benefits of Peer Expertise

Tap into the collective wisdom of experienced technology leaders.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Access invaluable insights at a fraction of typical consultation costs.

Networking with Purpose

Forge meaningful connections in a vendor-free, results-oriented environment.

Professional Growth

Enhance your leadership, skills and industry knowledge.

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