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Get the most value to the entire organization; from the CEO and board to the user. The complete package.

For Entire Organizations

What's Included In This Package?

Seat At The Table - 1 Year

A whole 12 months reserved specifically for you at one of our peer advisory groups!

Personal Coaching Sessions

No technology leader deserves cookie cutter approaches and biased input.

Emergency Cohort

Crisis. Urgency. They happen. When they do, all eyes are on you. In the blink of an eye, you are responsible.

InfoTech Reports and Research

All the latest published reports and findings from one of the most respected data sources... InfoTech!

Persuasion Skills Self Guided Experience

More to do, not enough funds. The difference between the status-quo and effective advance is in the skill of executive persuasion.

Persuasion Skills One On One Coaching

Gain understanding and plan for implementation in projects, agreements, and presenting plans and persuade toward action and implementation.

User Satisfaction Diagnostic

Value absolutely pours out of InfoTech's survey and diagnostic experiences!

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