Learning Modules

Employee Development Learning Modules

Transforming Employee Retention

Explore key strategies for boosting employee retention in today's competitive job market. This video sheds light on the high cost of turnover, the importance of personal development, and effective leadership tactics inspired by historical figures like Churchill. Learn how to engage your team, reduce turnover, and foster a culture of growth and loyalty in your organization.

The Power of Advocacy in Leadership

Discover the transformative role of advocates in fostering leadership, growth, and retention within organizations. This insightful video explores how advocates act as champions, coaches, mentors, and resources to unlock the potential of individuals and teams. Learn how integrating advocacy into your leadership strategy can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, with compelling evidence showing a higher retention rate among those who have an advocate. Embrace the art of advocacy to cultivate a thriving and resilient organizational culture.

Navigating Executive Decisions for Digital Transformation

Explore the pivotal role of technology leadership in executive decision-making with this video. Uncover how CIOs and CTOs can drive digital transformation by aligning tech innovation with business strategy. Learn the essentials of navigating the digital era's challenges, making strategic technology choices, and building a culture of innovation. This guide is crucial for executives aiming to lead their organizations through the complexities of digital change effectively.

The Path to Transformative Influence

Explore the essence of relational leadership and its impact on organizational success. This video delves into the difference between mere leadership and effective relational leadership, emphasizing the importance of one-to-one connections and team dynamics in fostering a nurturing and productive work environment. Learn how advocates can enhance relational and positional development among employees, transforming them into leaders who not only excel in their roles but also genuinely inspire and uplift their teams towards achieving the company's larger goals.

Advocacy in Professional Development

Discover the transformative approach of customized professional development through the 'Four Acts of Advocacy': Assessment, Coaching, Training, and Support (ACTS). This video outlines a strategic framework designed to elevate professionals, leaders, and executives by focusing on personalized growth plans. Learn how assessment identifies growth areas, coaching draws out potential, training offers tailored learning, and support ensures sustained progress.

Building Your Leadership Farm System

Explore the strategic process of developing a robust leadership farm system within your organization with Advocate. This video dives into the dual goals of achieving individual success and ensuring corporate succession through a comprehensive strategy encompassing assessment, coaching, training, and support. Learn how to identify developmental needs, prioritize them, and implement effective strategies for cultivating a culture of advocacy among employees, leading to a sustainable leadership pipeline.