In-Transition Guidance

For IT leaders in transition who feel isolated, without a strong profile or lacking a coach.

We're gonna walk this path with you. We'll help you compose a compelling brand, resume and interview presentation.

Just In Time

Transition is the right time to shore up and clarify who you are and what you do. We help you cement your:

  • Personal Brand
  • Concise and compelling resume
  • Memorable, move-you-forward interview presentation

The CIO Mastermind In-Transition Guidance comes alongside you and delivers customized insight to lead you into the role you desire next.

CIO Mastermind Offers

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Customized Solution

CIO Mastermind is your advocate, coming alongside you for your success, seeing the best in you and seeking the best for you.

Leaders in transition sort through the chaos of landing their next position by receiving assessment, coaching, training and support to communicate who you are and what you bring with compelling and concise communication.

What they say:

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I had a resume three pages long of information that would never have been read. And did I mention it wasn't getting into the hands of the decision maker? My resume is something I hope I don't have to use again, but CIO Mastermind transformed my response rate!

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Letters from CIO Mastermind literally got me in the door with the CEO. Few have an authority like that backing them up.

In-Transition Guidance
Seat At The Table - Guest Spot
Get out of the doldrums of finding the job and refresh your spirit and confidence by engaging in real life CIO and tech leader issues.
Resume Review
From experts who know how to get the CEO's attention, a resume that serves you and gets you in the door!
Personal Letters of Recommendation
Hand written letters of recommendation, sent by US Mail from CIO Mastermind founders to CEOs and board members to get you in the door.
Up to 50 letters. Must be interviewed and qualified.