Emergency Cohorts

Move swiftly and confidently by enlisting an IT executive roundtable for specialized consultation in emergency situations.

You Are Not Alone

Crisis. Urgency. They happen. When they do, all eyes are on you. In the blink of an eye, you are responsible for:

  • Right response
  • Effective process toward resolution
  • Team mobilization
  • Executive communication
  • Cost analysis and projection
  • Impact to business

CIO Mastermind Offers

  • Specifically selected peers with expertise in the area of need
  • Crafted process toward resolution
  • Trusted insight and specific recommendations
  • Consultation with decision-makers
  • Confirmation of your plan to gain agreement

CIO Mastermind advocates for you. Our network becomes your network at the time that you need it.

If catastrophe hits, you want help from somebody who has been there and done that. Fast. Members successfully navigate not just the catastrophe itself, but the potential political fallout as well.

What they say:

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With 1) the pace of technology, and 2) the variety of means to "skin a cat", CIO Mastermind provides a broad set of informed perspectives that can enlarge the stakeholders own thinking about how they might approach a challenge.

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I like having an opportunity to help colleagues address challenges that they are facing. Making a positive difference is important to me.

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I appreciate the emphasis CIO Mastermind puts on interviewing member candidates to ensure the highest level of commitment from members. It is far too easy to join a peer group and then let your day job prevent commitment to the group. A great job is done guiding members to contribute during and in between meetings. I also value the 'agile' format focused on the members helping each other overcome bottlenecks so we can bring more value to our firms.

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Finding a consistent group of peers from various industries to share challenges and discuss strategies to overcome those challenges helps to enhance the value that each of us bring to our respective firms.

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What’s most important for me is the trust and faith I have in my fellow CIOs.  I know that they understand the demands of our jobs and this enables them to track the nuances and understand implications of the [unique situational problem].

Emergency Cohorts
Emergency Cohort
Crisis. Urgency. They happen. When they do, all eyes are on you. In the blink of an eye, you are responsible.
1 year agreement for 2 emergency situations